Exceptional place !! Very clean environment, but especially for private people. Access to the entire structure is via codes. SUPER PRIVACY!

Alessandra Antippa - Athena

I’ve been to this facility twice and tried two out of three rooms.
(I just need to book the black one)
Comfortable bathtubs, clean environment. Scented towels, and especially NETFLIX subscription!
My boyfriend and I are passionate about television series and we have alternated moments of great intimacy with our passion.

Maria Colletta - Marie Antoinette

I forgot to be in Rome.
I spent a very pleasant evening with my best friend!
We relaxed and chatted between a sauna, a whirlpool and prosecco. We purchased a package which also included beauty masks. A dream!! Compliments. I recommend including a black mask in the package.

Chris Jones - Medusa